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Hi, I'm Heath.

Developer & Designer

About Me

Hello, I’m known on the internet as Cyral. I'm a student who enjoys developing applications and games, and designing graphics and websites.

I primarily develop in C#, however I have experience in Java and web development technologies and languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, Node.JS, and SQL.

I am the Co-Founder of Pyratron Studios, a game and software development company, as well as a couple of other startups! (This page is sorta outdated, they will be added soon!)


My projects and work.


Real-time tactic planning tool.

StratSketch is a tool I developed for the game, World of Tanks. It makes it easy for teams to collaborate in real time to create and share strategies for their gameplay. It was originally created in C# using WPF and has been re-written as a web app. It is my most successful project, with over 100,000 maps created and 30,000 registered users. Learn more.


2D sandbox and adventure game.

Zarknorth was an adventure game complete with a crafting system, realistic wiring system, liquid simulation, world generator, and more. It was actively developed by myself and a friend for about two years. Unfortunately, it was never completed, however I went from knowing nothing about programming to becoming very good at it because of the experience.


Open source multiplayer building game.

Bricklayer is a game currently in (very early) development by Pyratron Studios and a team of open source contributors. It aims to be a platform for developers to create their own game modes, minigames, and interactive levels through plugin functionality. Users can play these levels and create their own even without programming experience. Learn more.


Template and Logo for

I designed a custom Discourse theme for the CodeTree community, as well as creating a high resolution and vector version of their old logo. If you are a developer or designer, you should check out their community! Note: With recent changes to their forum system, the theme needs some updating.

Command Parser

User input parser for C# and Java.

The Command Parser Framework is a small open source project I created to make it easy to write commands to handle user input in games and applications. It supports optional parameters, grouped parameters, validation rules, permission levels, and more. Learn more.

Find more of my projects on GitHub.


If you have an interesting project in mind, send me an email!

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